I always wanted to photograph some pet! We have a cat Luda, but unfortunately he fits only for scary Halloween style pictures. 
When I met this adorable border collie with such a nice name Arya, I fell in love instantly! 

Pet Photography It is overwhelming to step into another phase of photography which is taking pets into the set for some photos.
It isn’t easy as taking photos with ordinary people it is more like, having a toddler photo shoot.
Dogs can’t understand the human language well if there is, only some can but most dogs behavior depends on how well a photographer and the owner can handle them. It can be as frustrating as you can imagine yet it can be fun and exciting if you know how to do it well. It takes a lot of patience and petting to get good shots but if you are able to pull it off, dogs can be your best friends and best models too.
They have tireless beauty in every angle but they aren’t easy to handle and teach directions though in the end, it is so rewarding.

It is both an effort for the photographer and the owner to collaborate well in order for their pet to stay still and get a good shot. Pets will listen to their owner more than some strangers who they meet for the first time to take photos. It is extended teamwork to an amazing outcome. You need to have an engaging and positive environment when shooting because dogs can smell emotions. They are undeniably charming and adorable and captivating and people think it is easy to have them pose in the camera, but it is not, it is so challenging to get a perfect shot. This is another experience that is surely unforgettable, having this dog on the set is a gift. Though there are struggles as we run the shoot, photos came out wonderfully in the end.

Please enjoy my pictures of one of the most beautiful dog ever!