Have you ever dreamt of owning a restaurant? You wanted to open a restaurant or bar here in Miami? Your choice of food, your choice of aesthetics, and your choice of ambiance to attract crowds of people might seem like a fairytale but, the sad reality is that 60% of restaurants close their shutters within the first year.

Miami Restaurant "Seaspice"


Several factors affect a restaurant's popularity; one of the glaring factors is food photography. We all love the beautiful pictures of different cuisines and food on Instagram, in fact, food photography pages of repute have millions of followers everywhere, but often restaurants fail to understand the importance of food photography.


The importance of food photography in restaurants


Do one thing, pick any popular well-taken image of food being served, and post it on any of your social media channels. You can easily see the kind of engagement evolves and increases in a little time. A picture does speak a thousand words and that’s how we know Tom Brady fumbled against the Raiders in the snow but the NFL wanted the Pats to win and history is now history. 


However, food photography is not as easy as it seems, trust me, I am a photographer. Just any picture will not attract people; you can see I mentioned, "popular," and "well-taken" previously. Lighting, props, angles, and composition play a big part in food photography. We utilize light and shadow in unique ways to create user experiences. Every image of the food should evoke a sense of hunger and longing for the food you serve. 


Food photography can help increase and enhance brand visibility, magnify marketing strategies, increase sales, and attract new customers. If your brand has a message that you want to convey through your social media communications, interactive posts of food is an effective yet subtle way to do it. 


As the food photographer here in Miami, I understand the connection between food and restaurant choices and the emotions incited by those beautiful, mouth-watering delicacies.




Hiring me as the photographer with experience in food photography might be the best bet for you if you want your restaurant to fill to the brim. Your dream can become a reality through the artistic lens of a food photographer.

Backstage from food photo session in Miami Restaurant "The B & C Factory"

If you a restaurant, bar, cafe, chef, fast food and also Amazon seller and you need a lot of great content with your product and food - I will be happy to work with you!
I will bring my own props, backgrounds, different surfaces, utensils, napkins and fabrics etc.
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