I was happy to be involved in a wonderful photo marathon, featuring a variety of dishes from The Prediabaid Company, which I had the pleasure of photographing personally. 
One of my favorite things about taking these beautiful photos is the fact that these subjects do not run away. I don’t have to exert myself to catch up to my subject and persuade it to be photographed. These dishes are always in the mood to be photographed, and even if they do not look delicious, they do taste delicious. 
When working with food photography, it is important to have a large array of assorted props. For example, cutlery is always an excellent prop. However, it is best to use cutlery that does not give off a reflection, like spoons! Otherwise, you will have to prepare to learn a few Photoshop tricks to make sure that your photos look great!  
If you are in the Miami area, I would be happy to help you with your eatable projects. All you must do is send me a few words about your project, and I will get back to you about what I can offer you for your food photo shoot!
More pictures from this photo shoot.