The idea for this photo project was not random. The way I see it – there are two types of people: some love to collect things; others practice a minimalist lifestyle. Well, turns out that I belong to the first group – collectors. I have things, so many things!!! I have hard time getting rid of anything. Of course, I feel guilty. I constantly remind myself that it is wrong to get attached to things, and that I must clear all this stuff out and make room. But at the same time I realize that more cleared space will only lead to an additional room for newly collected stuff. 

Some people might think that all this stuff is a pile of junk, and one must throw it all out, but if you look at all the things that surround us in a different light then one may see the beauty in all of it. Every object has a design, craftsmanship, and even history.

So, I decided to group some of my “junk” by their common attributes, and as a result I got these wonderful photographs which demonstrate the beauty of things. I believe these photos display that even old forgotten things when put together look like groups of families or friends who got together and they are having a good time. I think it is beautiful, don’t you?