I am such a big geek of everything retro: retro style, retro design, and retro clothing. So during our trip to Savanna Georgia it was natural to me to turn our romantic trip into a retro photo session with street of Savanna as my ultimate background. I never told my husband that I packed an extra outfit “from last century”, and a suitcase full of photo equipment. Oops, did want to spoil his surprise. J))))))
I want to title this photo session: “Mery Poppins on a Sunday”.
Going there I didn’t know what to expect exept for what I saw on the internet. I fell in love with Savanna the minute we entered the old city. I felt as if I was back in my traveling days through Western Europe when I was in my 20th. Historic district of Savanna Georgia is a beautiful place full of wonder. Savanna, rightfully, could be labeled as an architectural encyclopedia of Federal to Second French Empire. As an architect and an interior designer, in my early professional life, I can talk about this place for hours and hours. Every house, that you see in Savanna’s historic district, has a story to tell with it uniquely decorated exterior, every street has history that can be felt through the air, beautiful parks with historical statues, fountains, and magical southern comfort atmosphere, and don’t get me started on the restaurants and food. Wow, who knew?!?!?!  It is the BEST by far!
While being there I felt like English lady from 150-200 years back.
Anyways let’s get back to the pictures…