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Olga Kulakova - Miami Photographer

Welcome to my gallery, where the allure of commercial products, the elegance of jewelry, and the richness of food and beverages come alive through my lens.

As a passionate photographer, I specialize in capturing the essence of beauty and craftsmanship in every frame. My work extends beyond the ordinary, embracing creative portraiture that tells a deeper story. Here, every image is a testament to my love for art, detail, and the unique stories that only visuals can convey. Join me on this visual journey.

Some of My Shots


Olga is the best photographer I have met in Miami. She took pictures for my online retail store and every picture is a wow!!

Key Wee

Olga is an amazing photographer. She has a calm and friendly presence that makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Vanessa Tilley

Outstanding client service from first contact to actual photo shoot. Great pictures! I would highly recommend her. I know will be back.

Ilona Yakubenko

5 star is not enough for me. I did a photo shoot session for promote my food and I can tell I got beautiful results. High quality (definition,color..) it’s amazing, I want to thank you Olga for your beautiful work and if you looking for a photographer sont look anymore Olga it’s the perfect match. 100%recommended

Allan Blaize - Sense Art catering

About Me

Hello! I’m Olga Kulakova. I am a professional photographer based in Miami Florida. I take photographs with passion, creativity, and concept.

I do all types of photography including Food photography, Kids photography, Product photography, Fashion photography, Landscape and Real Estate photography. Also one of my favorite types of photography is Candid photography. It is when moments captured spontaneously as they happen. The subjects are usually not aware of the photographer, so they appear very relaxed. Event photography is a perfect example of this style.

So if you looking for a photographer who will create for you something beautiful, something unique then you have come to the right place. My unique, creative, artistic vision and years of experience will deliver for you the desired results.

My Working Process


Come up with a creative, and unique idea for photo shoot


Research location, wardrobe, props and models


Take photographs in professional manner


Make final retouches to produce the best results

What is Going on Lately

My Clients