I always say our Village of Biscayne Park, our neighborhood in Miami is one of the great locations for a photo shooting. So many cool-de-sacs around. Nice cozy alleys, green bushes, huge old trees, garden decorations - all natural props.
This set of pictures calls "Red hood - province version". How else?
A little bit more details. It was very hot day in Miami for photo shooting. Like regular summer day. Also it was really hot for Anita to keep the felt hat on her head all the time. We met an angry dog behind one of the back yard mesh fence at the alley, and she as barking so aggressive, I thought Anita would be scared. And a told the dog "chschsch", and my brave girl put her little finger on her mouth and told quite "chschsch". It was so cute!
We spent just about 20 minutes outside for photo shooting, but we were absolutely wet and tired!